They used to let you use the coupons against the regular price of the fabric. Now, when it's on sale, they don't honor the coupons.

I had over 8 yards of fabric cut which was quite expensive. But, because it was on sale, they would not honor the coupons even when I said I would only use them against their regular price. I walked off. They lost this sale and all future sales from me.

I like to support local business, but, as a business owner, I can buy wholesale and save a lot of money. Joann's has seen the last of me.

Hard to believe they want to drag the business under by pulling BS like this. Their loss was $60 (and cut fabric they now have to get rid of).

Review about: Joann Fabric Fabric.

Monetary Loss: $32.

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Livingston, New Jersey, United States #995917

I'm a paper crafter and back in the day they use to honor their coupons for these products but not any more. All (and I mean all) paper crafting products are excluded from their coupons.

They lost a $250+ sale from me and I ended up buying online and through Hobby Lobby & Michaels. They exclude so much might be easier for them to list included products - would take up less space on them.

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #784526

Well that's just silly. It says RIGHT ON THE COUPON not valid on sale items. Derp.

Denver, Colorado, United States #765655

You are not punishing the company you are punishing the employee. For all you know there is an auditor or manager swooping around the employee like a hawk ready to fire them if they so much as touch a override button on their computer. Then you ditch them with a ton of back stock which prevents them from helping real customers who will pay for their things like a real customer does.

If you aren't willing to pay for things and stick it to the minimum wage workers you aren't a real customer you are a thief and a terrible human being.

Seattle, Washington, United States #701318

I just found this out today! I won't be going there either ...

everything in the store was "on sale" so I couldn't use the 50% off coupon -- what a bunch of BS! I left my purchase at the counter too! I wonder if Michaels does the same ... I use to work there and I overrode the price then gave the coupon price off.

My blood pressure did not go up ... I am use to this and just matter of factly tell them they no longer have my business -- and then stick to my resolve -- I will most likely benefit from going online to purchase my bead supplies anyway -- which are hardly ever 50% off at Joanns!


actually they don't get rid of the fabric. it's wrapped back on the bolt.

Haslett, Michigan, United States #642767

Where have you been? They haven't allowed coupons on sale prices for many years now.

Stomping off only gets your blood pressure up. They will have plenty of other customers to replace you. If you wait long enought, it will go on sale for at least 40% or 50% eventually.If you are a teacher you can get ten percent off by applying for their discount card.

May 1st is senior day with extra 20% off. If you think Joanns prices for fabric is to high, try going to a quilt shop and pay 11.00 and up for your fabric.

Sandy City, Utah, United States #640047

Buy it wholesale then! Couldn't have been that much of a difference in price, with an attitude like yours I bet they hope you don't come back.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #637749

Did you stop and figure out if it would have actually been enough cheaper to use the coupons against the regular price of the fabric or to use the sale price. I bet it wouldn't have been that much difference, to make such a big stink over.

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