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I will start by saying that my daughter and I are frequent shoppers at Joann's, that is until may last visit today. I had purchased several skeins of yarn in November 2016 for several projects I was making for Christmas and birthday gifts.

I purchased extra to make sure that wouldn't run out, expecting to return what I wasn't able to use. I checked the back of the receipt for the return policy. It states "If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it along with your receipt. A full refund will be offered in the original method of payment, as a merchandise exchange, or in a merchandise return card".

I went to the store (my receipt in hand) and The lady at the register told me there is nothing they can do as it is past 90 days. This is not stated ANYWHERE. Now, I'm stuck with 3 skeins of yarn ($9.99 each) which I'm unable to use.

I understand we're not talking big money here, however, I have two children in college and that $30 could have gone towards groceries. I've never had any issues with return at Michael's or A C Moore, so I will continue to bring them business instead, and will pass the word along to friends and family (and internet) regarding the lack of flexibility and compassion of the Joann's policies and staff.

Product or Service Mentioned: Joann Fabric Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Joann Fabric Cons: Return policy.

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Just want to go ahead and put this out there. This is the return policy listed, verbatim, on the Joanns website.

This customer was in the right. If you have your receipt, they have to return the item, no matter what. OUR RETURN POLICY = HASSLE FREE CREATIVITY Returns with a smile are super easy! You can return any JOANN purchase any time with no hassle.

RETURN IN-STORE Take any purchase to any JOANN store for a hassle-free refund with a smile. Returns made with the receipt will be refunded in the original method of payment. Orders placed using a JOANN gift card or PayPal as payment will be refunded with a new JOANN e-gift card. Receipts for online purchases, including Buy Online Pick-up In-Store purchases, can be looked up in-store using your JOANN.com order number.

If you don’t have a receipt, choose an exchange or store credit based on the lowest price of the last 90 days. Photo ID required.


Just because you cannot read the policy or chose not to read the whole receipt,does not mean that the policy was not there. Read the whole receipt, not just the first few lines.

You claim to be a loyal customer and yet you do not know their return policy. Most stores have 90 day return policy.


The back of the receipt says you can return an item "at anytime with no hassle." "With a receipt, choose a full refund...Without a receipt, choose an exchange or store credit based on the lowest price in the last 90 days." So the 90 days isn't the return by date, it is the time frame that they base the no receipt refund amount on. The receipt clearly says "return a purchase ANY TIME." However, my local Joann's tried to tell me that even with a receipt, returns will only be accepted within 90 days (which is contrary to what the receipt and joann.com says!) When I tried to question the discrepancy, the cashier tried to tell me "Well, yes, the receipt says you can return an item (with a receipt) at any time...anytime within 90 days." WHAT?!

That doesn't make any sense and it's totally BS! An individual store is going against their own corporate policy! Such a hassle for what Joann's advertises as a "no hassle" return policy!! And btw it doesn't matter what other stores' return policies are.

Besides many stores have longer than 90 day return policies (ex. Michael's is 6 months.)


Nothing in return policy says that there is a time limit for returns.


Email the yarn company they will usually fix the problem new yarn. I don't take back to store.


Thanks for sharing this information. I have felt the prices at JoAnns were too high. Hobby Lobby or Michaels offer better pricing IMHO


You returned something 3 years after you purchased it?! You MUST be kidding!


Clearly your math skills are lacking


Her math skills are fine. It is their logic that is lacking.

They posted this on June 3, 2019. The purchase was made in 2016.

That is three years, but what they failed to understand is that this was posted in 2017 of May. Even if that was not stated, one with logic would conclude this.


Most places have a 30/60/90 day return policy. This lady needs to chill.


I had the same experience yesterday. I had 13 skeins of yarn that they STILL SELL for $5.69 a skein.

I didn't have my receipt but wanted store credit so I was okay with that. They were going to give me $14.12 for the ENTIRE purchase---99 cents a skein!

I kept it and will try to sell on Buy, Sell, Trade. I'll go to Michael's from now on.

@ticked customer

A return w/o receipt policy for JoAnn's is the LOWEST PRICE within the last 90 days, cut in half. So if that skein of yarn went on sale in the last 90 days for 1.99 per skein, then you would get back 99 cents each. They now have the ability to look up your receipt via Credit Card number (if you paid by CC).


Ticked customer is only nine years old. They are not old enough to have a credit card yet.

@ticked customer

Or next time give an adult your receipt. That way you do not lose it. Your own fault her, YOU lost the receipt.


She should have been able to override the 90 days thing by hitting enter on the keyboard, telling the computer to continue, and inputting her password. If you still have the receipt, you could be able to return it even today.

I say "could" because the only real limitation on returns is "Do we still sell this item or not?" If we no longer carry the item, only then are we unable to do a return. I hope this knowledge is able to help you.

@Former Joann Cashier

Yes, if receipt states return policy on back without stating a time-frame to return in, then full refund is in order. I would have gone back and ask for the manager.


But the full policy including the 90 day was on the receipt. They did not read the whole receipt.


Also terrible experience returning items. It was within 90 days easy but did not have receipt.

I assumed store credit would be offered but they only offer HALF of what I paid. Nothing was used, nothing was open, and the manager was so rude. No "thank you" no s"sorry for the incovience" nothing!

Unfourtanately o gave the HALF a store credit now so I will have to go back but never again. I will be sharing this with everyone.


Without a receipt there's no way to know if you got the item when it was on sale, if you used a coupon, or what the value of that sale/coupon was. Nor can it be known (apart from your say-so) if it was purchased with cash or a card.

Thus it can only be returned for in-store credit, valued at the lowest price it's been sold at during the last six months.

However, if you used a card to buy it, there is a way to look up your receipt using your card's numbers and the item you wish to return. This will enable you to get full value back.

@Former Joann Cashier

This is very true as a current cashier for Joanns.

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