I was told my dog wasn't allowed to be in the store in a rude way by an old bat that was cutting fabric. The way she handled it was very rude and unprofessional in front of a larger audience.

My dog has cancer and has to go everywhere with me and the woman was very rude. I called the store to complain and the customer service rep was very rude as well...

You work in a freaking store, how do you have the right to be rude to paying customers. I will never shop at the store chain again and will spread the word of how rude this place is.

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Really? Im sorry your dog is sick, but that does not give you an excuse to break rules.

That rule is in place for a reason. Like someone already mentioned, people have severe allergies to dogs. Some dogs can make a mess and you also have to deal with people seeing your dog and thinking, "Oh!

I can bring my dog in here too." And the next thing you know, people are bringing the dogs into a non pet store. They don't belong there, and while I don't know how the employee really reacted, they were just doing their job.


You have what I like to call "special snowflake syndrome".

Kudos to the staff for not giving in. Your dog would be better off at home, away from the commotion of a retail store, away from the stress of having all of the people around.

And what if another customer happened to be allergic to dogs? What if that other customer had a reaction bad enough that they had to be driven off to the hospital, simply because you decided to bring your dog with you because you feel 'entitled' to have your dog with you?

Shame. Shame shame shame. :(


Also there's no need for name calling. To call the woman an "old bat" is simply uncalled for and rude.

Marina Del Rey, California, United States #676653

I'm sorry that your dog has cancer. But seriously, dont you think your dog would be better off resting at home instead of you dragging him/her all over god's creation.

You're an arrogant, selfish, little spoiled child that is used to getting your own way if you cry hard enough. Kudos to the store for not giving in to your tantrum.

Keep your dog at home where he/she can actually rest!! Not be paraded around do you can get what you want. That is pitiful.

Simply pitiful. :(

to bobsanob Marina Del Rey, California, United States #676657



Still learning to navigate this site. I was trying to do the sad face emoticon but somehow it ended up being the angry one.

If there's a way to edit posts after the posting I haven't found it yet.

Anyhow I am sorry to hear about your poor dog. Not surprising that stores won't allow a dog inside but there's no reason for the employees to be nasty about it.

Palatka, Florida, United States #666772

I'm sorry to hear about your dog. :(

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #662499

Unless your dog is a service dog, it doesn't belong in stores. Just because your dog has cancer is no reason that it should have go with you shopping.

This sounds like a "feel Good" solution for you. Your dog would more than likely feel better being at home, resting.

to anonymous Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #662506

My thoughts exactly, no reason whatsoever that a retail store should allow your dog in just because YOU have decided it needs to go everywhere with you. You sound arrogant and entitled.

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