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Employee discount is an extra 20% off your total purchase that works on everything except fabric remnants. (I cannot be sure about Cricut and similar papercrafting purchases as I do not papercraft myself and thus have never bought anything like that with the discount.) Occasionally the discount is bumped to 30% for a single weekend.

It stacks with sale prices, but it is mutually exclusive with coupons. Examples: * Take 20% off a new iron (normally exempt from coupons) * 50% off strung beads sale + employee discount = You save 60% off the original price of the beads * Use a 60% off total purchase of sewing notions, get nothing but sewing notions = employee discount won't work, everything already covered by coupon * Mixed items purchase, use a couple 50% off one item coupons, employee discount applies to all non-remnant, coupon-less items

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