Every trip I make into a Joann Fabrics store there is never anyone on the sales floor other than a cashier with a line of people and someone at the cutting counter with an equally long line. If you are in line for either counter and a phone rings expect to wait because obviously there is nobody else in the building to take the call and help the person. I used to buy carts full of merchandise, but now I will go elsewhere where I am taken care of with a question or help finding something.

Michaels or Hobby Lobby at least they have people to help you.

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Needless to say things arent going change. I think that it is terrible how they run the company and no one is available to help the customer.

Guess they want more money and not have to pay their help.

to Anonymous #967099

As an employee, I totally agree that we need more people on the floor but our hands are tied by corporate very carefully watching our payroll. The manager tries to schedule correctly, but it is hard to predict when we will be busy.

I want to help everyone as much as I can and my coworkers do to. Many times I have worked over just to get things finished and help out in a pinch.

Please don't blame us. We don't like it either.

to Anonymous #1013562

I'd just like to point out that we're called EMPLOYEES not HELP. That's extremely rude and derogatory.

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