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I have just returned from Joann's and am thoroughly irritated by this store's ongoing dodgy coupon practice.

.50 item

As everyone knows, you can not use coupons for non-sale items. I am aware of this so make sure I check the shelves to ensure whether products are on sale.

This morning, I decided to use a 50% coupon I had been saving to use on a rotary cutter that is marked at $49.99. There were no signs on the shelves for any of the rotary cutters. However when I got to the cash register, she said: 'oh, this is on sale' and promptly rang the sale up. Her demeanor was very unconvincing so it made me think that this is something that Joanns trains them to do. I opted not to buy the rotary cutter as I just felt that this was a sales strategy to *** people into buying anyway when the coupon is not honored.

Is this arrogance on the part of Joann's marketing team? Do they really think consumers are suckers?

Since I have heard similar complaints from others about this practice at Joanns, I am joining the other Joann's boycotters.

This reviewer shared experience about "coupon practices" and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. The author is overall dissatisfied with Joann Fabric. The most disappointing about joann fabric coupon from Joann Fabric was policies , but reviewer liked store. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Sterling, Illinois, United States #1203334

Companies don't send out coupons to save people money. They do it to get people into the store.


Sometimes the signs don't get up properly because we don't have enough staff to do a proper sale set. There are so many items on sale we don't know all of them.

We do NOT purposely try to trick our customers. It is more of a hassle to argue with the customers than have the prices right. The cashier could have checked if the sign was missing and done a price override.

I have never been trained or told to purposely deceive our customers.

to Anonymous #1050232

This is a poor excuse, sorry. It is literally a 1 minute walk from the cash register to the aisle to make a quick check.

It's not as if there was a line behind me.

Company policies should honor the customer as this is what keeps the company in business and workers employed. Make the customer unhappy, you lose the customer.

to Anonymous #1154717

And if the cashier walks back and you steal the rotary cutter? Then it's on her.

No, the company won't cater to you, I'm sorry but it's not the cashiers fault it wasn't set. All you had to do was wait until the next sale or until the coupon came back around.

Losing you one by one isn't a big problem because people grow up, start buying in your place. Customers and employees are replaceable, learn that and learn fast.

to Anonymous #1163936

Nobody made an excuse as to why no one checked to see if there was a sign or not. Yes, that should've happened and if there was not a sign then yes your coupon should've been honored.

The point of the previous comment (I believe) was that the employees are NOT trained to 'trick' anyone.

The employees who work at the register are usually not the ones that set the ad so they will not have the entire ad memorized. If that's what you expect then fine, go take your business somewhere else so the employees don't have to deal with you.


If there was no sign on the floor, the cashier should have honored your coupon. Please file a complaint at the corporate level because a lot of workers don't like dealing with the overly-complicated coupon policy as well and would like to see it changed.

to Anonymous #1050227

So you're saying that because workers don't like the policies of the company they work for, a customer should just accept that and not complain about them. I agree the cashier should have made an effort, she didn't, therefore the company loses my business.

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