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None in the store. As I talked to the people working in the store, I found the store only had 5 to begin with.

They were gone in the first few minutes. I had them check all the stores, NONE anywhere!

I would like one of these. Is there anyway I can get one? I have stage 4 cancer and started sewing quilts etc.

Trying to have something to look forward to each day. My M other and I sew together often (as my Father passed away in February of cancer) to help her and me. Please can you help? Will these be on sale again, if so when?

Thank you so much! I love the Joann Stores. I have a patchwork machine from you and I love it!

Love your material also.

I spend a lot in Your stores and on line as My money is limited on Disability.

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How can you spend a lot in one store when you are on disability? I am 73 and have been sewing since I was eight years old, and manage to do so without any special equipment.

I have a four foot long folding table, that I put my sewing machine on and when I'm not sewing I do my scrapbooking or genealogy on it. Sometimes it even gets used for other things.

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