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ID was required to complete a MasterCard transaction.

I was not allowed to make a purchase using my MasterCard because my "married name" is not on my unexpired ID. I was not even allowed to proceed using this card as a pin transaction.

This is in direct violation of Visa and MasterCard rules. These card holders are NOT required to provide any form of ID or personal information as a condition of sale for cards that have been signed (unsigned cards are subject to different rules). Per the customer service department at Joann's asking for ID is part of their "proper protocol". A formal complaint has been filed with MasterCard.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #761596

In case people don't know what the original poster is referring to here are the Card Acceptance Guidelines directly from Visa. Now you know.

When should you ask a cardholder for an official government ID? Although Visa rules do not preclude merchants from asking for cardholder ID except in the specific circumstances discussed in this guide, merchants cannot make an ID a condition of acceptance


Therefore, merchants cannot as part of their regular

card acceptance procedures refuse to complete a purchase transaction because a cardholder refuses to provide ID


It is important that merchants understand that the requesting of a cardholder ID does not change the merchant’s liability for chargebacks


However, it can slow down a sale and annoy the customer


In some cases, it may even deter the use of the Visa card and result in the loss of a potential sale

to Knowing is half the battle Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #761695

Thank you. I hope by posting this more consumers are aware of their rights.

And merchants adjust their policies in accordance with these rules.


Yes, it is annoying. If I get too angered, I just leave the stuff on the counter. There are so many fake cards out right now, but Visa and MasterCard are delaying any meaningful security policies.

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