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hello,I would like to form a complaint on your coupon bait and switch scam you constantly have running. Each week I receive a 50% off coupon from you when I purchase something.

I am a teacher so I end up buying a lot of supplies. This is just one example, yesterday I went in to buy a "paint me pumpkin" for $10. I planned on coming in every day, on my way home this week and using the 50% off coupon to buy 10 pumpkins for a project in the fall. I get the pumpkin, no where is it marked that it is on sale.

I go to the register with my coupon and I am told "this pumpkin is now 20% off it is now $7". What! So the coupon is worthless and I am going to end up paying $2 more than intended, and $10 more towards this project. Based on your coupon and the price in the store I already set a budget.

I only get so much a year towards my projects so it is important that I know where the money is going. I can't have these surprises it throws me off for the rest of my budget. This happens regularly I get to the register and NOPE this product is really 20% off now your coupon is no goo. Are your employers trained to do this?

It is a scam! I walked around the store for another 20 minutes trying to find something I could use the coupon on. Finally I did find a set of sharpies for $27.00 that were not marked down. I wanted to use the coupon and pay half.

But once I got to check out they were really 20% and were $20. Why wasn't it market? I bet if I didn't have that coupon your employee would really just ring it up as $27.00, but they conveniently discovered that it was discounted and I couldn't use my coupon at check out! Huh!

It feels like I am being scammed. It feels very dishonest. Your coupons are bait. I will continue to expose this on social media and talk to the better business bureau if I keep having this problem.

It would be so much more honest of you to only offer discounts on your total purchase or something. I am a teacher and I rely on your discounts and coupons. I hope this improves. I hate wasting my time and being tricked at the last minute when I am at the register.

I didn't end up buying the Sharpies they ended up being $7 more than I was planning.

I didn't buy the pumpkin either. I had to change my project based on your shady pricing structure.

Product or Service Mentioned: Joann Fabric Coupon.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Cashiers don't have control over sales. Corporate sets that.

And despite what it may seem, they are not personally out to get you. They don't have crystal balls that they hover over in dark rooms while plotting what would be the best way to screw over you, personally. Seasonal stuff always goes on sale and the sale gradually increases as the season goes on. But the good news is your Teacher Discount should still stack with sales, as long as they aren't doorbuster-type sales.

Your $7 pumpkin would have gotten an extra 15% off, making it $5.95 and tax. Still better than full price or even the sale price without the extra discount. And while it's unfortunate, sign errors do happen. They're being put up by humans, after all.

There's far too many items in the store, changing far too often, to put stickers on each and every one. Likely there was a paper sign in the general area, no more than 6 feet away at the most, saying something to the effect of markers being on sale. If you are uncertain you can always ask or use a price scanner to double check what an item costs.

If you are adamant that the item is ringing up wrong, ask your cashier to have someone check the area (cashiers aren't allowed to leave the register unattended so if there's no one else to cover, they will need to use the radio) and verify. If it is truly an error, it is completely within the cashier's power to override and correct that error.


I'm going to write my own horror events about various stores and the company in general. But I agree with this dissatisfied customer


You come across as a complete basket case. I've never had an issue, but I follow their rules. You seem upset cause you tried to convince them

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