8509 Bond Rd, Elk Grove, CA 95624, USA
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This was the Joann’s on Bond Rd Elk Grove Ca . When I spoke with the Assistant Manerger he was rude and offered no assistance he stated we have house keeping at night .

Product or Service Mentioned: Joann Fabric Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The stores do NOT have housekeeping. In fact, they expect their minimum wage employees to clean in there. It's disgusting and frankly, housekeepers gwy paid more than we do.


What’s amazing is that the people doing this are mainly women!! Joann’s customers are the most disgusting, privileged, angry bunch I have ever seen!

Do they think that this is acceptable?

Do they do this at home? I try not to go near the bathrooms there.


Both of you, well said!!! The bathrooms are not left that way from the employees, because they know they are the ones who have to use them.

Dont blame the stores who bathrooms are like that, because it is the customers who are doing it. Show the customers who made that mess and ask them why they would *** all over the seat, on the floor in the sink, yes in the sink!!! STOP blaming stores for everything consumers are doing!!! I had to clean a bathroom that a lady *** all over the floor, on the seat and wipes her hands on the walls and then threw her huge *** undies in the garbage!!!

And then other customers blame joanns!!!! IDIOTS!!!


The ones who discover the mess are, sadly, not always the ones who made it. Sometimes the guilty mess-maker just slinks out of the store without notice, and it's not until an hour or so later when the dung has gone cold that some innocent victim wanders into the scene and reports it to employees.

@Former Joann Cashier

We have a small business next door to our store. Our bathroom was closed, so she went there.

*** smeared her *** all over and the owner(nice lady, she comes in to buy things occasionally) had to clean it. The *** went out the BACK DOOR.


You would not believe what people have done in the bathroom at the Joann’s where I work. Disgusting is putting mildly!

Customers who have huge poo explosions don’t clean up after themselves. Some people are really horrible!!!! Why can’t they go before they leave the house? I usually hold it till I get home.

That’s really saying something if employees won’t use the bathroom. It may look clean but we know what happened in there!!!!!!


Hey, man. Sometimes your guts decide they won't wait for you to get home.

It's like...your stomach suddenly rebels against that delicious taco you had for lunch and OH CRAP EXPRESS ELEVATOR TO THE SOUTHERN EXIT!

FIND *** IN 60 SECONDS OR ITS GONNA BE IN YOUR PANTS! That is why some folks don't go before they leave home.


Why do the bathrooms look like this??? Because of customers who use the restrooms like they are at a truck stop!!!

Putting half a roll of toilet paper in the toilet after taking a *** they have been holding in for a week, then clogging the toilet, then *** "your out of toilet paper, and your bathroom is disgusting" because the customer just used all the toilet paper, clogged it up, and made it stink worse than a 3 day old diaper. And I'm sure they don't do that at home. Whats worse, is there is usually a plunger, but no way in *** they will plunge their own stuff, and why should they????

There is someone their to clean up after them......unbelievable.. have some courtesy for others, if not for the people who have to clean up after you then for the people that need to use the restroom after you

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