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I tried to return unused material that I purchased. Yes, I used half of 4 yds 6 inches.

First woman that "helped me" pointed out, "you only have half of what you purchased and we can't take this back." Why not? I asked. "Because, it's our policy. We don't take back anything that's been cut." Before I could get another word out of my mouth, she turned her back and walked away from me!


Second woman, not much nicer told me, "You can't return it, you cut it." Again I wanted to ask a question, as she began talking to another customer like I was not even there. OMG, SERIOUSLY!!! This is how you treat your customers??? RUDE, SNAPPY, NASTY, UNPROFESSIONAL, AND UNHELPFUL!!!

The question I never got to ask was, Why does the "Return Policy" on the back side of my receipt note: "You can return "any" JOANN purchase any time with no hassle." Operative word, ANY.

They may have gotten the "last word," but I will have the last laugh!

I am telling all my friends and associates not to buy from JoAnn Fabric on NW Eastman Pkwy in Gresham, OR. They do not deserve my/our business!

Product or Service Mentioned: Joann Fabric Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Aranza1 and Legelegl, what was bought was a specific amount of fabric. If the entirety of that amount was unused, they will return it without hassle. But you can't use half a container of glitter and expect them to take back the unused portion.


Do you eat half of an ice cream and return it?


Why would anyone think they could buy something, use half of it then return it? I don’t think the store will miss this kind of customer.


I’m gonna have to agree with everyone else here, it’s common sense you can’t return what you’ve altered. It’s like going to walmart and trying to return a half-full bag of bread, and say “well I didn’t eat the other half, why can’t I return it?” Geez Louis lol


With that attidute I can see why they wouldn’t return it! The customer is NOT always right!

Store policy is to not take back fabric that has been cut. Period!

Go ahead and take your frustration out on the minimum wage worker who did not write the rules! Good luck with that!


Totally agree! Do not place the word ANY in your policy if you you have limitations!


I just learned this the hard way. From now on if I'm buying extra just in case I will waste their time and make them ring me up 5 or 6 different times getting 1 yard each time. Suck it Joann.


It's for the same reason most stores won't return clothes that have been altered or washed. They can't resell them and they lose money.

You don't have to be an employee to come to that conclusion.

It *is* common sense. Next time, measure out how much fabric you need so you don't overbuy.

to Ginny #1476309

"Common sense" is not what I lack, thank you. So, no "mercy" for first timers doing a project?

I get it!

The issue is: the return policy states "any item." My inexperience cost me money. It will never happen again.

to Legelegl #1478847

Yes, but it also says they have the right to decline a return. Can you imagine what their fabric would look like if they allowed people to return used fabric?

Would you buy fabric that had obviously been cut on/washed/altered?

Im sure you'll find another use for the fabric. Chill out.

to Ginny #1489896

My receipts have never said they have the right to refuse my return, what joanns do you shop at??? And fabric that has been cut and returned is also known as "remnants", duh!

to Ginny #1493063

Your ignorance proves that you COMPLETELY missed the entire point they were making.It has absolutely NOTHING to do with whether the product was cut or not! If a company clearly prints on a receipt that if you’re not happy, you can return ‘ANY’ merchandise, it implies that no matter what merchandise you are attempting to return or the state that the merchandise is in, it can be returned!

It’s as simple as that! And an educated individual would have the basic ‘common sense’ to understand the definition of the word ANY!


It’s pretty common knowledge that you may only return fabric if it hasn’t been cut, washed, dyed or altered in any way. Sorry, your question didn’t get answered but it’s not Joann’s fault you bought too much

to Anon #1471542

You must work for JoAnn. "Common knowledge" for who, Pros?

I'm not a pro!

Some guidance, patience and courtesy would have been nice. The "Return Policy" does not state "exceptions!"

to Legelegl #1484640

They tell you outright when asked about returning fabric, "You can not return fabric if it has been washed, cut, or used in any way". I have been told that every time I ask about the return policy on fabric.

to Mukuro5 #1493083

I don’t think you guys really get it!!!It doesn’t matter if when you ask, the Jo-Ann’s employees tell you something specific regarding their return policy or if it’s ‘common sense’ you can’t return a cut piece of fabric (which it’s not by the way!) or if their products would look like a mess if they accepted cut pieces of fabric! Non of that is relevant to the point this person is trying to make!In as plain English as you can get, the receipt states word by word and I quote.....‘Returns with a SMILE are super easy!You can return any JO-ANN purchase any time with no hassle.With receiptChoose a full refund in the original payment method, an exchange, or a store credit.Without receiptChoose an exchange or store credit based on the lowest price of the last 90 days.

Photo ID required.Because creativity should be uncomplicated’End quote.So, translation is, it does NOT matter what piece of merchandise you are returning, it does NOT matter the condition the piece is in, and it does NOT matter why you want to return it! If they take back ANY return with NO HASSLE, this person should NEVER have been treated in that manner and rejected to return the cut piece of fabric!Furthermore, if there was stipulations to their return policy, then they should have placed an asterisk mark next to the word ANY, and then listed their limitations at the bottom. Which they did NOT do so!A printed receipt has way more clarification on a policy and way more authority over it than some worker who you ‘asked’ about the policies and answered you something which you have absolutely no idea if it’s true or not because half of them have NO clue what they’re talking about!Not to mention that you have no idea why this person was returning the piece of fabric! What if when they purchased it, they asked for 3 yards and the employee at Joann accidentally cut 4 yards for them and charged them for the 4 yards???

Then it’s irrelevant whether you measured out your project or not. Not to mention, that even if you hadn’t, it has nothing to do with the fact that this company states they accept ANY return!!So again, if you place the word ANY in your return policy, then you accept exactly that, ANY RETURN!

to Aranza1 #1578378

Most people wash fabric before using. Another customer would not wanted to purchase cut, pre washed fabric.

Buying one yard at a time would not help if you did not want seams in your item. We do tell people you cant return CUT fabric, so it gives the person a chance to measure the item they are making.

You can always purchase more, instead of return cut . Again this is the company policy not the employee but we always get blamed.

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