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I am typically not one to leave negative reviews. In fact I never had but for SOME reason.

Every time I visit the Joanne's fabric on Morse road, I am never helped by any worker. Not only is it hard to find a worker, but when I do find one, they never help. I often will ask where I can find this and that and they just point and say "over there on that far side" and then walk away. So I leave there empty handed.

Big help, thanks. Not coming back.

Review about: Joann Fabric Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Working in retail nowadays is a different set of problems. We can not afford to have employees in any size store when the first transactions if the day are 500 bucks in returns ir an item worth 2.50 after a coupon on a phone.

Customers have fine this to themselves. Simple retail math, you buy more, the store makes profit, the store has more employees on the floor to help you


I agree with the other comments also being an employee of Jo-Anns corporate does not give us the hours to have enough employees so I often run back and forth to help whoever I possibly can including the phones. And yet I still get customers who are unhappy with the way things are run but I do my very best


As a former employee, we are trained to point to the aisle, not actually take you there and help. Why?

Because Corporate is cheap and refuses to hire more people.

We had 3 people working each shift at my store. We didn't have the staff to efficiently help customers.

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