Hoover, Alabama
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Ok i was working 5 days! Then 4!

3 days and now 2!! All i do is put stupid items on shelves! Do returns, deal with stupid customers everyday, clean the bathrooms, take the trash out! And mangers always blame me for everything!

You didn't do this right! Blah blah! I do not get paid much! I hate being in recovery!

I am always bored, and i hate putting stuff on shelves and customers ruin it! Joann fabrics need to be out of buisness! All my coworkers are leaving! I will to, there is no training at all, and mangers say you should know where everything is!

Well i do not! And i am done being treated like dirt by customers! Customers whine about everything! And say i will call corporate because you are in my way!

And who has you work when you are sick! Joann fabrics does!

I had to work when i have the stomach flu and cold! I have had it!!

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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I say look for another job and when you get one, leave. This place isn’t worth it.

Forget the low pay, it’s your mental well being. The customer abuse is off the charts.


Mood lmao. I don’t get paid enough to deal with 95% of the things customers expect of me.

Everyone who comes in is extremely entitled and a lady didn’t understand what “the return will go back on your card” meant and tried to argue with me that I was saying it was coming off the card. The people are just rude and expect you to bow to them and bend so far backwards you put your head up your *** to help them.


Get out while you can!

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