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Wanting to make a Halloween costume for my dog, I phoned the local Joann Fabrics store and asked if I could bring my small dog with me to see which colors of fabric would look best and to get help with proper measurements. The employee I spoke with stated that I could bring my dog, as long as she was kept either in a cart or in my arms. I heartily agreed. The following week I arrived at the store with my dog in my arms. Since her legs were too small and slipped through the cart, I kept her in my arms.

Once inside, I noticed that the store had ready-made dog costumes, so I stopped to see if there were any in my dog's size, relieving me of much work making a costume. Bending over to look through the few bags of costumes available, I placed my dog on the floor directly next to me and shortened up her leash so she was at my ankles. This way I could flip through the bags quickly and get her back up in my arms. Suddenly, I heard a woman's voice bellow loudly, "NO DOGS IN THE STORE!!" I stood upright and looked for the source of the rudeness and saw one of the employees standing about 10 feet from me in the next aisle. Again, she exploded the words at me, "NO DOGS IN THE STORE!" I explained that I had made a courtesy call the week before and was told that I could bring my dog if she was in my arms or in a cart, and that the only reason she was on the floor briefly was so I could look through the costumes. The woman huffed away shouting back at me, "NO ONE SAID ANYTHING TO ME!"

I picked out two costume sizes and, not knowing what my dog's length was, went to the fabric counter and got her measured. I went back to the costume section to return one of the packages when a young couple with their daughter approached me asking if their daughter could say hello to my dog. Of course I was happy to oblige, and the couple and I struck up a conversation about our respective rescue pups.

As the young man was speaking to me, I felt an obtrusive presence to my left. Without so much as an "Excuse me", yet another employee had now come within 6 inches of me, saying "No dogs in this store!" The young couple was as shocked as I was at this woman's rudeness. Again, I explained that I had made a courtesy call to the store and was told that I could bring my dog, and I again explained that, except for a brief moment, the dog had been in my arms the entire time I was in the store. I was then treated to the same loud, blustery comments about no one telling any of them about it.

I stated that since I had the common courtesy to call beforehand to inquire about it, I expected courtesy in return. But she just kept repeating, ad nauseum, that no one told them about a dog being permitted in the store. She made a spectacle of me and the other customers I had been having a conversation with. I took a costume and went to the checkout counter, where I observed one of the cashiers shaking her head at me with utter disdain. At that point, I had enough of the outright unprofessionalism from this store's staff. I dropped the package over the nearest shelf and walked out.

When a customer phones a store to inquire about a policy, the customer should expect to be given the correct information. If an employee of the store feels that policy is being breached, that employee should never loudly proclaim it from a distance, but quietly inform the customer in private with professionalism and goodwill.

Due to the fact that I was treated with such an unprofessional attitude by the employees, I will never again step foot in any Joann Fabrics store or shop online with them. It is apparent that they foster rudeness toward customers, and I will not put one more penny in their pockets.

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I work at Joann’s. Only service animals are allowed in establishments that sell food.

We sell candy at the checkout. It is the law!

We must abide by the law. Sorry if that is an inconvenience to some pet owners.


Theres no reason for people to be rude. Sounds lome the employees need attend a class on customer service.


If the store isn’t pet friendly you need to respect that!! My service dog is medical equipment and your pet is not

to Anonymous #1546874

You are as rude as the employees

to Anonymous #1566314

you are pretty horrible


I brought my Welsh in today in her stroller and the cashier asked if she was a service dog I said no she said she is not allowed in the store...I will not be buying my yarn there anymore or fabric...


I completely understand why you would be upset I am a Jo-Ann's employee so I get it but I've had dogs in my store that have bit people so as much as I don't mind people's dogs being in the store there are dogs like that and there are people that are allergic so that employee did not have to be that rude I agree with you on that but it is for the safety of the other customers

to Anonymous #1426342



Unfortuantely I am allergic to dogs and cats. Just a month ago as I was entering a Joann's fabric store a lady was leaving with her dog.

I wasn't happy because of how sick I get. But I thought I just quickly go in and get what I need. I won't shop. I go in the store and there are two more dogs in the store.

Now I'm aggravated. So I quickly go to the item and I get in a long line and by the time I got to the cashier I was feeling ill. The same thing has happened at Michaels, several other store.

I won't shop there again, So I beg you please keep your dog at home so the humans with allergies can shop and not be made ill. I think it's very inconsiderate of pet owners.

to Anonymous #1426345

If you're THAT allergic that you can't even breathe the air in a store where a pet has BEEN, you probably shouldn't even BE in public spaces!

to Marc Rogers #1482886



I had a similar situation happen to me. This day and age I can't believe these store still treat people like this.


Not only do I agree whole heartedly but I also wonder if a conspiracy is afoot. It seems they used a tried and true technique call "distraction".

Not more than 2 maybe 3 fortnights ago my wife had a 40% off coupon for 12 yds. of fabric fleece, mind you, that she was "distracted" from using by the cashier when she instructed her to look up a Michaels coupon for $1 off a single item.

The fleece was going to be used to make dog blankets for a local shelter. Clearly Joann's is against coupons and dogs.


Why would you expect them to measure your dog? They measure and cut fabric, not family pets.

If you planned to buy fabric and make the costume, you must own some basic supplies. Like a measuring tape!

to Anonymous #1426349

She sae the ready made ones AFTER she got to the store!!!



As an employee I would like to say upon the behalf of my team that we do our best not to be rude at our store. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

We are as employees required to follow the rules given at our specific location. I would have been happy to have a word with the manager as well as the other employees in your favor. We specify increativity. I have two dogs of my own and personally I would love to of seen a creation of yours.

I sincerely apologize once again how you were mistreated. I do believe is was a miss communication error with the call. The employee should have made a note or asked the manager before relying to your comment. Please understand we are only human and we do what we can to bring the best satisfaction to all our customers.

I'm not a manager so I do not have the power to pull strings. But I would most defiantly be happy to of helped you. Have a wonderful day.

I do hope to see you come back. ^^ - India


I work at a Joann store and many people bring in dogs. Some being trained as service dogs, others just because.

The only time we have ever said anything is when a dog is barking loudly and will not stop, we try our best to be courteous and professional. I am greatly sorry that this happened to you, I know I am just an employee and really cant make a company apology to you, but I just want you to know that I am very sorry this happened to you


The sign on the door is "too small"? Keep your dog at home where it belongs.

How about being a responsible pet owner, for a change? Almost no business, unless it's PetsMart wants or allows, your *** dog in the establishment.

I work at JoAnne Fabrics and you better believe, I have more than enough work to do without cleaning up your dog's ***! Trust me, no one but you thinks your dog is cute: leave it at home!

to Anonymous Florence, Kentucky, United States #942823

You're incorrect!! Many stores allow dogs and actually love you bringing them!!

To name a few, Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Bed Bath and Beyond, Homegoods, Macy's .....

How about you take a look at the percent of animal lovers verses people like you!

to Nik #1426356

YES! And in the words of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, "Bazinga"!

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