The Altoona pa store is 25 miles away, so before I made the trip I called to see if they had tear away stabilizer (for machine embroidery) on stock. The woman / girl I spoke with had NO CLUE what I was talking about and NO desire to find out.

Instead she suggested I go and get online and look up if the store had it in stock for her, sure, I am only in the middle of a wedding project / gift that needs finished today. Ok, my bad for not making sure I had enough prior to today, but still. Then she suggested I could buy it online and pick it up in the store, so I said great, when do you think it might be ready? Oh NOT until the end of the day....

REALLY?? Not only was this girl was dumb as a rock, but she had ZERO motivation to be helpful in any way.

I called the Altoona HOBBY LOBBY. The lady there knew exactly what I was looking for, and after 30 seconds on hold said yes they had it, would I like her to pull one aside for me to pick up later. I said that would be great because my 16 yr old son was coming in to pick it up and he would have no idea what to look for, NO PROBLEM, she says, I'll take it up front to the 1st register, just tell him it's there.


Guess where I will be shopping from now on!! It's NOT Joann's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Joann Fabric Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So the girl at Joann’s didn’t know what the product was and she is stupid but your son doesn’t know what it is and he deserves to have it set aside for Him so he doesn’t have to think about what he’s buying. It seems a double standard.

to Anonymous #1497790

It's called work ethic. I expect someone who works in a fabric shop to have basic knowledge of fabric items.

Same as I expect wait staff to have basic knowledge of menu items and specials or someone in Lawn and garden to be familiar enough with what they sell to at least know where to look for something, and most importantly have the motivation to at least try to be helpful... that is their job after all. That is what they were hired to do.But instead, sadly, most people have no work ethic or pride in their work anymore and instead stand around & cry how they just don't get paid enough to care.Today's mentality seems to be that you deserve to get paid just for showing up, you don't have to actually do the job or heaven forbid... do a good job.Lastly, no my son didn't know what tear away stabilizer was, he does now, but he also doesn't work in fabric retail.

He does work at a local pub / restraunt, part of his job is answering the phone and handling the take out orders. The first thing he did, on his own time, was bring home a menu and memorize it ...

like I said.... all goes back to work ethic.

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