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I recently ordered one item from Joann’s on line. I ordered the Martha Stewart Scoring Board.

The item took over a week to receive. When I received the item, it was in a flat envelope packaging.

I knew something was wrong. When I opened the box, only the cardboard back to the item was in the package.

Really, why ship a piece of cardboard? But, I thought, Joann’s will take care of it and ship me the item.

Well I was wrong! I called customer service the day I received it, 12/6. When I explained what I received and

offered to send pictures, I was told that was not necessary. The customer service person said she would contact the

warehouse and email me on Monday. By Thursday when I didn’t receive an email, I called back and asked if the item

had been shipped. After about 5 minutes of silence on the phone, she finally said that the warehouse confirmed that

the weight of the package was correct when it left and that I should contact UPS! Really? I told her this was not a UPS

issue, this was the warehouse issue. She then told me that she didn’t work in the warehouse and that is what they

told her. She then said that she would offer my money back but really she shouldn’t as I would have to make a claim

with UPS.

I will not be shopping with this company again. I have many choices in my area, Michaels, Hobby Lobby being the other two.

I had an issue with a Michaels delivery and their customer service was the BEST I have every received from a company.

Too bad for Joann’s as I spend hundreds of dollars every year

Reason of review: Warehouse issue and poor customer service .

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