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Joann Fabrics is one of those businesses that stays in business in spite of having the MOST horrible customer service on the planet.

Last week I ordered two yards each of two fabrics for a single project. I received a confirmation of the order. Today I received an email notifying me of the shipping of my order. The problem is, it's only HALF my order. No mention of the second item (Is the order partially complete? Is there a problem with the order?), so I called customer service.

The agent told me that they're out of the second item. No explanation as to why I wasn't notified, why my order had been confirmed in the first place -- nothing.

I can't complete the project with only half the fabric, so now I've been told I can refuse the shipment. Find and dandy, but I already bought other cut pieces of fabric for the project at my local store, and I'm just out of luck on that $40, I guess.

There is never a time I'm not amazed at how incompetent this company is. I sure wish House of Fabrics still existed.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Depending on when they ran out of the second fabric there was likely no way to warn you. Website inventories are not real time.

If there are 3 bolts left and 4 people order at/near the same time the website has no way to warn that 4th person. They did the best they could which was tell you what the warehouse was able to ship, because until that moment in the warehouse there was no way for anyone to know.

And this isn't just Joann Fabric, many online shopping websites work the same way. The don't use real time inventories, it's way too expensive and still unreliable.


I disagree. When the time comes to ship the order and half the items are unavailable, then they need to come up with a change to their system that allows them to notify customers.

Fabric sales are unique in that the fabric is cut to order, so there they were, stuck with a piece of fabric they might not get to sell again or have to sell at a discount, rather make the effort to fix their system. Seems like a poor way of doing business, but if you've ever been in one of their stores it's par for the course.

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