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When I have to shop at Joann, I only go with a coupon. I only purchase with a coupon and I only get last minute items.

Every other time I shop at Joann, I end up kicked in the teeth at checkout. This time is no different. Joann Huntington Beach, CA is a scary clown of a store.

I chose my fabric based on full price (no sale sign) so I can use the coupon to get a more fair price (the big gimmick is that there is no way to get anywhere near a fair price unless you have a coupon). Then I get to check out and the employee says: "oh yea, this is on sale." At that point, I look at the worker and reply: "this is the worst store in the world.

You are saying I don't get the price I planned on because I can't use the coupon. This store is horrible and I hate this store." My horrified teen daughter turns to me and says: "it's not her fault mom" and she follows me out of the store as I curse the store and ignore the employee.

I hate Joann. Every other time I shop here I am kicked in the teeth at check out.

The signs do not always accurately reflect pricing and the whole organization of the business is to rip off shoppers at every opportunity. "Gotcha Sucker" is the Joann motto.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Joann Fabric Cons: Stupid business model.

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I think that the corporation uses those coupons to draw you in, then they put almost everything at a promotional price so that the coupon is useless. You can not always tell by the ad as to whether or not the item is on promotion before you make a trip to the store with your coupon.

Before a piece is cut, I always ask the clerk to affirm that it is NOT on promotion before it is cut. I predict that Joanns is circling the drain and will be gone from the retail landscape in due time. Or, they will become basically a crafty store with no real fabric. They are really pathetic and almost useless.

I have almost just quit sewing altogether. There is nothing of any value in the store to sew with.


it would be nice to see them go

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