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Went to Joann fabric last night to make a quilt for a baby shower , when i went to the cutting table i noticed a black mark and asked her to cut beyond the mark ! The hole bult was a defect !

It took four trips to the cutting table to find something i could use without defect marks running through the material , really disappointed in the materials you have chosen to sell as perfect , its not the first time - i would have been real pissed to get home with it to find marks to be given as a gift ! I need to find somewhere else to shop for nice material .

3 yards of material last night was 18.99 and didn’t relize it was not perfect either - look at the outline of the elephants Top left was purchased at a different Joann’s that has closed when I make a gift for someone I like perfection and I don’t see it with this material ! Done with Joanne’s !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Joann Fabric Fabric.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This is the employees fault how? Boo hoo you had to go look for more. If it’s marked up, don’t buy it, simple.


One bolt (


You can't compare old material to new.

Chances are 99-3/4% that they won't match.

You're condemning the entire store/chain because of one icky Chinese whole bolt of cheap material ? - (not "hole bult") like you wrote.

Your choice but foolishly impulsive.

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