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I went in “my” store, 4600 Shelbyville Road Louisville, KY. 40207, yesterday, 10-27-2017, to find ONE spool of thread to repair my granddaughter’s slacks.

In 4 sets of really empty shelves that probably hold over a thousand spools of thread, I couldn’t find ONE the color I needed. The amount of thread missing was astounding. I finally chose one, but not what I needed. I also noticed 8-9 people in line to have material cut and that line didn’t go down while I was there.

There was stack after stack of huge boxes blocking the aisles, obviously needing to be opened to replenish the very empty shelves. It seems you have a lot of customers who aren’t being serviced well at all, not to mention the amount of sales you are missing by not having the personnel to replenish your store and wait on the customers properly who do find something they want. One spool of thread is not a big deal, but I would hope the impression and experience I had is. Store managing 101.

And your firewall blocks your own emails!

J. M.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I just had to smile when I saw the empty shelves! I worked for Jo-Ann's for twenty nine years.

My friend Cat had twenty five years. The company let us go because we worked on our lunch breaks. No warning just termination, no unemployment! They really don't care about people only money.

Best thing that ever happened to me. I love my new job. Less work, stress and more money.

I very successfully manage a store and LOVE to go to work! To all employees of Jo-Ann's jump now!

@Laura Rogge Luerssen

Good for you! Too bad you and your friend gave them so many years they didn’t appreciate. So glad you’re just where you should be with the rewards you deserve!Greed is an ugly way to operate a business.

@Laura Rogge Luerssen

You know that it's illegal to work on your lunch break? You're were a huge liability and they cut you before they got sued. Just a calculated decision.


i went there today for a picture frame and many empty spaces on shelves. Didn't have the one I wanted, saw an employee walking by and asked "Are you going out of business; replied" NO, as she kept walking and didn't stop". Many other shelves were empty and clearance on some items.


Corporate won't give the stores hours to do there job. My store is as big as Wal-Mart and as busy as Wal-Mart and we have 3 cashier's from open to close


I work at a JoAnn store that looks the same way. It is horrible to work there.

No management. Reevaluating employement.


I work at another store in the same situation. Corporate keeps sending us an enormous amount of inventory every week.

So much that we can’t get it all out.

They also limit the amount of payroll. So how is a store supposed to get inventory out with no payroll to pay employees to do it?


Not your fault, of course.

That answer is between Corporate and perhaps their stock holders or “decision makers,” to hold onto every dollar they can by “limiting their payroll” vs.

serving their customers well and ultimately making more money by keeping their stores properly stocked. Not a novel idea, “spending money to make money,” but one often overlooked by those who fail to properly forecast a more successful future for their Company, as well as for their own benefit, thus leaving hard working, frustraded employees, like you, in their wake.

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