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"JoAnns seems like a nice enough basic fabric/supplies store..Great sales, etc. However, I made the mistake of ordering a sewing machine online that they didn't have in the store last month during September sewing month. The Brother 9500PRW machine was fine and worked great when tested. Only thing missing was the concealed zipper foot, which the Brother company told me the 9500 couldn't use (tech support later emailed that it could use that foot, after I'd already ordered another machine from Amazon that JoAnns didn't offer!). SO, I returned it to JoAnns (you have to ship it back - you can't return it to the store!). BIG HASSLE. They paid for return shipping; I added delivery confirmation & ins, which I highly recommend.

The package was received over a week ago, but no refund in sight. I called today and JoAnns said "the account hasn't been updated yet to show it was received". I give her the DC info and date they received the package. I'm then told refunds take 2-3 WEEKS. WHAT? Turns out Joanns doesn't STOCK the product; it is actually shipped by a fulfillment company (whose name I don't know). Had I known that, I'd have NEVER ordered. I ordered a different (and better) model from Amazon for slightly less, had it in 2 days and no problems at all. STILL waiting on my refund from JoAnns. The customer service rep Mindy also told me she'd have a supervisor look into the matter and call me. Still waiting on that call, too.

Advice: JoAnns seems to have some great buys on their website, but I'd ONLY order items that you've checked out in person before and are POSITIVE you want to keep. Otherwise, you're dealing with a company that basically has someone else ship their products (which is not unusual, to be fair) and also handle their returns...which means you're dumped into whatever huge volume of returns they are processing before they get to yours. Apparently all they do is report the return to JoAnns, who then issues the refund. You can see where that might take a LONG time, when it really doesn't need to. It's the principle of the thing for me - in this technological day and time, you shouldn't have to put up with this sort of nonsense!"

Monetary Loss: $213.

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CRAZY! Thanks for posting and for adding the follow-up.

I too will not buy online from Jo-Ann except if it's yarn I've purchased before and know I need again. Otherwise, I go to a real Jo-Ann store or simply shop elsewhere.

Usually elsewhere, tbh. Jo-Ann is way behind the times regarding refunds and returns, and I won't tolerate it.


Follow up on the above post: After calling JoAnns when I'd no word at all after a week and a half, I finally got someone to verify that the item had been received (I had delivery confirmation, so I knew it had been received 9 days ago!). This rep also said she would contact the company with the DC number, and see if she could expedite things AFTER I mentioned that I did a lot on social media!

Didn't help with the refund, though...just got it Thursday of last week. Inexcusable.

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