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I was very disappointed today when I tried to use a JoAnn Fabrics "gift card" I was given instead of cash for a return and found that the card only had $.01 on it. The store was in the Lincoln Heights Shopping Center in Spokane, Washington.

I paid cash for $16.56 worth of items a little over a year ago and was told I could return the items if they were not what I needed.

Later in the same day I brought the items back and asked for a cash refund. The clerk told me that they only gave gift cards for returns (not what I had been told a couple of hours earlier). So I accepted the card begrudgingly and stuck it in my wallet with the receipts. Today my husband tried to use the card and he was told there was only $.01 on it.

Neither of us had used the card for anything prior to today. I went back to the store and spoke with a short, young, blond "manager" who listened to my explanation, looked at the receipts, talked to her superior, and then told me that the books balanced for the day of the transactions and that I, therefore, had been given the cash. When I asked her first, why would I carry this card around for a year if it had only $.01 on it and secondly, why would the clerk have given me $16.55 in cash and then processed a gift card in the amount of $.01, she said the store does that to refund sales tax (Huh?). After that, instead of listening to me further she turned on her heel and just walked away.

Of course, I assume she believed I was scamming her -- waiting over a year to do so.

However, when I saw in other comments on this site that others have had problems with gift cards at JoAnn Fabrics, I am wondering if the scamming is working the other way. Not very good customer service, to say the least.

Product or Service Mentioned: Joann Fabric Gift Card.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Preferred solution: I don't want anything, as I won't ever shop there again. I just want them to start treating customers better and stop using gift cards for refunds..

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sounds like the employee processing the refund put your cash in his or her pocket and left u with a garbage 1 cent gift card.


I would do two things. One call the 800 number on the card.

Get them to verify what the opening balance was and that the card has not been used. Then call customer service and explain the problem.

Quite frankly the store would have no way of looking at the records from a year ago. Corporate had a better chance of fixing things for you.

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