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After attending two sewing classes at JoAnn at the Orchards Mall in Benton Harbor Michigan . I was informed about a upcoming Open House.

While out of town I contacted the store manager who was the instructor at the time.

I paid for class by phone, she said was a quilting class.

I was at the store on 8/30 talking the manager and she then explained it wasn’t a quilting class (cost 120), but a quilt block class. Then she showed be a demonstration of what it would look like .

Not being the jolly person she normally is she sort of rush me off ,all told me I need only 2 items I purchase and left.

I arrived a few minutes before one (1). I wanted to set up my newly purchase sewing machine I bought a my last class.

Class was scheduled to start at 1:30 p.m.

There was two ladies already there set up. They had blinding backs for quilting, the had several quilts.

They information the class the come all the time just to socialize.

That they we almost finished with their Christmas gift. There present was to work on their quilt. After that introduction the instructor directed me to the front set.

Shortly after two other ladies came in with their materials etc. for making a quilt.

Both of them was concerned about the requirement for boxes to do quilt, spread ( queen or king). It was apparent that they knew what they were doing just needed some assistance .

The fifth lady came in , I talked to her. She said she didn’t know anything she was doing. Getting ready to retire soon she just wants to find something to do.

During this “quilt block class “.

More emphasis was directed on the four ladies who wanted to make a quilt .

I got assistant 80% of the time by requesting help. The instructor had a pleasant personality put her 30 seconds of instructions wasn’t productive . Only for me calling her over and over for mistakes that I made.

After several hrs. of listings to how to calculate/math / blocks for the quilting.

I finally said out loud Im not here to make a quilt but to make this perfect block!!!

The instructor came over to me at this time, she knew I was frustrated at this time .

She cane over for another 30 seconds and started removing tread and left with patches.

Now the subject turn in to jelly balls/beans?

I try to shut them out I had no idea what they were talking about . I sit there and waited to the 4 ladies left (home?). I takes to the instructor I told her I never been so disappointed in my project. Then she went into instructing what I could do when I get home.

(Pillow case).

I asked her what were they talking about “jelly bean)”. She told me that was for next Sunday. The discussion was about the material they needed for the next class. I asked her do you mind showing me the list or showing me what I need.

Going back ..

I notice the soon retire was looking confused. I asked her are you alright. She said this class was a little to much all she wanted to do was to focus on the block. I was in the same position.

If was like you put senior class in a beginner class.

But the senior was paying beginners fee.

Getting back to my point. The instructor we reluctantly took me out to show my what u needed. The retirees follow showily behind me.

As soon as we walk down the isle. One of the ladies was in class , who had left early came up to the instructor as a questions and the instructor immediately walked away from me.

I took there gathering my thought.

I said how can you just walk away from me when I asking for assistance. You did that in class. She immediately said “ WHAT TO YOU WANT A CLASS MY YOURSELF “

I said no but I expect you to recognize me when I’m standing right here not just walk away . At this point she apologize , looked at an item near the floor and told that’s all you need.

She pointed to a fabric roll strip. I said you’re tell me this is all I need to buy.

I said are you sure? Then she told me I can get the other item items the day of class. She walked away.

I purchased that item went back to the instructor ‘s classroom. I told I know you are a good instructor but you cannot have five different conversations going at the same time.

Her last words to me is “yes I can”.

And she was right.

Most of the class with the four ladies doing quilting.

I called the manager today at JoAnn today to discuss my complaint. She said she was very busy she can talk to me on Wednesday.

Reason of review: Dissatisfied with class.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Joann Fabric Pros: First clerk who waited on me was apologetic for being new.

Joann Fabric Cons: Service.

  • Customer Care Attitude
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Wow!!! that never should have happened!

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