I had 2 coupons -- one from Jo-Ann and one from A.C. Moore. I wanted to buy 8 yds of elastic from the roll. The Jo-Ann coupon was used for the purchase of material. I was told the coupon was no good on by-the-yard goods but I could buy pre-packaged pre-measured elastic with the A.C. Moore coupon. Jo-Ann's only honours coupons from other vendors if that store sells similar items! Bigt deal! Am I supposed to drive all the way to A.C. Moore to see if they sell the same elastic by the yard. Apparently, according to the clerk who had personally been there, they do not!! I failed to see why I should be forced into using the coupon on just one 3-yard package of elastic and pay full price for the remainder.

The store is located at 4610 S. Cleveland Avenue in Fort Myers. I find this approach by Jo-Ann to be ***. The store was almost empty. Obviously in this economy the company is not interested in selling goods or helping customers. How un-farsighted can management be! We are tired of hearing "those are the rules" or "we can see the manager". He is only going to re-spout the same rules. You either honour other store's coupons regardless of what the customer wishes to purchase or you DO NOT. Get rid of all the tiny little details which upset and anger customers. Become more customer friendly. After all in Fort Myers there is only one readily accessible JoAnn and no other fabric stores. In our area you have a monopoly!

I did not buy the elastic but you lost a whole lot more -- good will. And, we customers remember how we are treated, and pass the word along. The words on the bottom of the sales slip made me laugh! You might want to read them too.

Anne M. Martin

8331 Whiskey Preserve Circle #430

Fort Myers, FL 33919

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Titusville, Florida, United States #773624

Q: What is Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores Price Match Pledge?

A: Joann.com® does offer a price match policy.Seasonal items do not qualify for price adjustments.

Patterns on Joann.com® are not eligible for price match with a Jo-Ann Store price. Please note that pricing may be different between the web site and Jo-Ann Stores for many reasons, including the timing of promotional events and product source. The Price Match Pledge will be honored on Joann.com® in U.S. Dollars (USD).

Please see your local Jo-Ann Store location for their posted Price Match Pledge.

Joann.com® will match prices when the following conditions are met:

Applies to identical, in-stock item only

Price to match must have been advertised within the past 7 days

Includes ads for competitors

Requires proof of lower price via original/current ad or print-out of online price Excludes special buys, liquidations, doorbusters and club purchases It is your responsibility as a consumer to read that fine print.This was on Joanne's website and took me all of 30 seconds to find.

Lincoln, North Dakota, United States #773599

You have two other Joann stores located in your area.


no hancocks in my area only joanns' fabric.

anonymous stop being an *** w...h...o..r..e...and learn to spell you ridiculous hag!

to LadyScot***ks #866503

Again, it's Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, LLC. NOT joanns' fabric.


That has happened to me though I left the 5 yards they cut for me along with the thread and walked out the door.. I told the manager you can keep the fabric! Joann's had a policy if you bought all that was on the bolt you would get it at a lower price the last time I tried to purchase all the fabric that was left on a bolt the cashier said it doesn't apply to that "fabric" I looked around and saw the signs every where that read discount on purchase of bolt and there were no exceptions.

to LadyScot***ks Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #640152

i have shopped there for years, and i do mean years, and never in that time have they ever had a policy of reducing the price if you buy the whole bolt.stop belly aching and get real.

you are so rediculous, the discount is only on the remaining fabric after you purchase what you want.obviously you are not at joann's, maybe you were at hancocks and that explains why they are no longer around

Sandy City, Utah, United States #640068

I completely understand, they wouldn't accept my jiffy lube coupon for the pipe cleaners I needed, I am sooo upset that I'll never shop there again! :cry :cry :cry ***!


Ac Moore doesn't carry fabrics or elastic by the yard so your coupon is completely invalid.


Ac Moore doesn't carry fabrics or elastic by the yard so your coupon is completely invalid.


A competitor's coupon is just that - A coupon from a store that Jo Ann COMPETES WITH for business.There is no cutting counter at A.C.

Moore, therefore A.C. Moore is not a competitor for any of Jo Ann's products that are sold by the yard. The fact that A.C. Moore doesn't have a cutting counter also makes it quite obvious that A.C.

Moore does not sell by-the-yard elastic, so no trip to verify is necessary.

Don't blame Jo Ann's for your own failure to understand how a competitor's coupon works.Also, it's not like there's a shortage of Jo Ann coupons out there - All you had to do was bring another one in.

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