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I went to the JoAnn's store at 117th St., in Beaverton, OR. I asked about a product I thought that JoAnn's carried.

I was told "yes" and where to look. I could not fin what I was looking for and asked the only other clerk I could find and she flew in my face saying "she" did not sell ribbon in the way I wanted (by the inch). When I said another clerk said JoANn's did sell by the inch, I was told I was lying, as all the employees know how JoAnn's does business.

a few days later I went to the JoAnn's on Pacific Highway in Tigard, OR to exchange another item I had bought at the Beaverton store. There was 1 cashier and no one else on the floor to help customers.

When I finally got to tell the cashier that I wanted to exchange for another item of the same price, the casher had no idea what to do.

When the manager showed up, there was no greeting to me, and Ms. Manager instructed the cashier "how to do this guy's exchange" When I corrected Ms Manager, she made no apologies, only a snide remark that she was not paying any attention to the customer standing in front of her and was just talking in general.

Product or Service Mentioned: Joann Fabric Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You're the one at fault, crazy lady!


Not to mention if you are going to correct someone and tell them how to do their job you deserve to have a snide remark made at you. Next time bring a parent to the store with you so that they can make sure that you behave yourself.


You have no right telling her how to do her job. It is YOU who should be apologizing not her.

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