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I am from Canada but shop in the States all the time. I called Bellingham Joann's store today four times.

Three times they had me on hold, transferred me and I was disconnected. Finally someone in the fabric area talked to me. I had measurements of two window seats I was needing help with. I had the measurements of the two window seats I am re upholstering.

My husband is down there right now and I found the fabric online and it was in stock and my husband is picking it up for me. I just needed someone to tell me how many yards I would need. The person on the phone could not help me. It was very frustrating.

I hung up, called a fabric store in B.C., gave them the measurements, and they told me how many yards I would need, they were so helpful, answered my question within two minutes. Then I went back online, ordered my fabric from your store, even though I was seriously considering forgetting my order with you and shopping here in Canada.

I rarely complain but when I get such bad customer service, I think that the company should know. Thanks, Lori

Review about: Joann Fabric Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: to let you know how bad the service is at Bellingham, I was so surprised they could not help me.

I didn't like: Knowledge or support from your retail staff.

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craft cutomers can be the worse customers EVER!!! I hae seen this numerous times standing in line.

At Joanne's there is a bell at the checkout counter. You ring the bell and someone will come up to check you out. There is een a sign that says ring bell at some places. I stood behind a woman and her child sitting in the cart.

The mother let the child ring the bell over and over , even after the clerk said "be right there" as she walked up.But the child rang it again and the clerk said "please do not ring the bell again because other clerks will hear that and come up to the registers when they are not really needed. The mother said I know but she likes ringing the bell and she gave the bell to the child again to ring, The clerk repeated it again with a smile and tried to explain but the woman got all huffy and snotty and rude and stormed out of the store. When your child doesnt listen, you can then understand why, when the parents dont listen!!!!

The bell is NOT a toy andnot all your child are as cute to others, as you think they are!!! Teach your children NO means NO and stop being so annoying to others!!!


I am not sure if I understand your gripe. Ok you called Joann, and you had your "measurements" and you wanted them to tell you how much you will need of a certain fabric?

There is 36 inches in a yard, and if you divide your inches by 36 inches, that will give you your yardage. Maybe you need to take a math course before you start to sew. What usually happens is why most fabric places do NOT tell a customer how much they need, is first of all , YOU are the one creating your project and know how you want it and if a employee tells the customer and it doesnt exactly turn out the way they want, no matter what the reason is, JOANNE's employees will be at fault from the customer.

I seen this happen many times, just standing in the the cutting line. Your project, you figure it out!


If you already know your measurements, then why do you need to call Joann Fabrics a retail store to tell you how much material you need? They do not know how wide you make your seems, how tight you want the cushion to fit and so forth.

They COULD give you an estimate but if they did, many just like you would complain that it was THEIR fault your project didnt turn out the way you wanted, or you bought to much fabric, or didnt buy enough and so forth.

SO it is better for Joann's to not give advice for something the crafter should already know for their own projects. I have seen many times in the store with observing customers and many examples just like this, the customer will give a bad review because of their own in experience and wanting to blame someone else.


Absolutely! I have no idea why everybody including you thinks that it's okay to go into a store like that and expect them to know how to do your project if you can't figure out your project maybe you shouldn't be the one doing it


It's not their job to help you with your project. They are not required to tell you how many yards you need, as that is your responsibility. They are retail workers, not fabric or math experts.

Fall River, Massachusetts, United States #1351421

I have been to Joanns many times and not had a bad experience. Your problem is not a good thing to complain about as it is not part of their job.

Joanns is a chain store that provides materials not services. If you want to know how many yards you need for a project contact a service store not a retail store.

People in retail stores are not required to be math experts as it's not a service store just simply a place for your supplies. Doing the math is part of your project not their job.

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