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I ordered two items from their website for overnight delivery. On the website it said it was partially shipped, but they told me it was totally shipped. After I made him look again, of course, I was right. How were they going to resolve it. Good luck, maybe you can find them at your local stores. My issue you did not even communicate for 4 days that they were not in stock and offer any assistance. They said that their inventory system is... Read more

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My sister has worked full time at Joann's Fabrics in one of the nj stores for over 10 years. She likes it because its 4 minutes drive from her apartment. They do not pay her well for all that she does but she does get medical and dental benefits. She's not a manager and has been through 5 or more new managers during her time there. Since she's been there the longest, the districk mgr. gave her keys to the doors. They use her to go to the closed... Read more

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October 24, 2016 My wife and I made a fifteen minute drive to your Simi Valley store yesterday, October 23rd, to drop off our knives for sharpening which occurs today. We do this religiously every 8 weeks or so, for it is a service they offer from an outside vendor. This works for your store as well, because my wife ends up buying something while I'm in line to take care of the knife transaction. So back to yesterday. We arrived just after... Read more

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Every time I've been to the Joanns on east colonial in orlando, this one manager Carman is openly reprimanding employees in front of customers. Im not sure why she feels it appropriate to belittle or berate trainees. Thats not training, its abuse!

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I get coupons from Joann's. The coupons are to get you to buy what THEY want you to buy, there are so many conditions. All 7 times I've gone in to get a pair of scissors (about $45-$50) and all 7 times they are on sale for 25% off, so a person can't use their coupon for something that may cost more than a spool of thread or some material. I've been watching and checking my last 5 visits and you pretty much can't use your coupon for things over... Read more

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I stood in line to get my 1 selection of ribbon measured and cut with several people in line before me with several bolts per customer that needed cut. I waited for 15 minutes to get 1 little item cut. RIDICULOUS. Absolutely can't believe this store can't figure something out so customers don't have to wait every time they shop. I shopped at the Fargo ND store and they always have lines there. Why can't you have a separate line for people with... Read more

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This horrible business shipped and charged me for an order I placed on line and later cancelled. Why did I cancel? Because I was informed by their customer service (which should be called lack of service) that my order would take FIVE days to "process." FIVE days??? I cancelled the order. I have an e-mail stating that I cancelled, and they shipped it out anyway – TWO full days after I placed the cancellation – and of course charged me for it.... Read more

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I make children quilts and only need 1/2 yard of material off each bolt. I picked up several 1/2 yard of fleece. When I started to cut the 6 inch squares, five (5) of the pieces were short 1/2 inch at the fold for several inches, therefore losing about 4 squares from each piece. I went back to the store and the gal measured and said it all depends on the cutter & she usually goes a couple marks wider!!!!!!! Also told me I should ask in a... Read more

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--Like 10 days to get to New York, where New York has saturday USPS delivery. --I made an order and called customer service to ensure I would get it in time before my trip, which I need it on, and they said, it'll ship out in 1-3 days. No it took 4 days, and pushed it way over. And now i'm stuck with no alternative, just a refund from a rude customer rep manager. there was still 2 days left, many businesses can easily deliver in 2 days. But... Read more

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Waited in line 40 minutes, wednesday at 2pm. This is completely unacceptable!! Will never shop here again!!!!!

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